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Use this section for information on how you can keep your child safe when they're taking part in activities run by voluntary and community groups.

If you’re a parent or carer, you’ll want to know that your child will be safe and looked after when they’re taking part in activities.

We’ve gathered publications for you that will give you advice on how to keep your child safe.

Out alone: keeping children safe when out with you or out alone
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). A leaflet for parents with practical advice on keeping children safe when they are out alone or with friends. Includes a list of ten key ways to keep children safe and a checklist for when to take action.

Help. . . I want to teach my child personal safety: helping children protect themselves from abuse (PDF)
The Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS). A leaflet for parents to help them teach their children self-protection skills. Provides brief guidance on the following areas: self esteem, secrets and surprises, children and their bodies, babysitting, being assertive, feelings, touching, and the Christian perspective.

Help... my disabled child needs to be safe: a guide for helping children with disabilities learn personal safety skills (PDF)
CCPAS. Leaflet for parents of carers of children with disabilities. Covers what child abuse is and why children with disabilities are at risk.  Looks at ways to build confidence and how the church can help. Lists useful organisations.

Protect children!

Keep them safe! (PDF)

Concerned about a child?

Worried about a child? How you can protect children from abuse
NSPCC. A leaflet for anyone concerned about the risk of child abuse. Available in English, Welsh, Chinese and French.

Child abuse: signs and symptoms (PDF)

Keeping your child safe from bullying and violence

Bullying: what can parents do? (PDF)
NSPCC. Information about what signs to look out for when a child is being bullied, and information about how to help.

Keeping your child safe online

Help... I want my child to stay safe on the net (PDF)
CCPAS. Leaflet for parents looking at the risks children face using the internet.  Covers false identities, bullying, viruses, hackers and fraudsters.

Keep your child safe on the internet (PDF)
A Home Office leaflet designed to help parents and carers find out what they need to know to keep children safe on the internet.

Child safety on the internet

Tips on internet safety
Family Lives

Internet safety
The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).

Supporting your children to use the internet safely

Keeping your child safe in sports and activities

Parent checklist for youth activities (PDF)
Scottish Executive. Leaflet aimed at parents, setting out some basic questions they might like to ask about the status and credentials of youth organisations and clubs and their leaders. Covers complaints procedures, parental consent to outside activities, health and safety issues, local authority contacts and regulation and inspection procedures.

Helping keep your child safe in sport: child protection leaflet for parents (PDF)
Department for Culture Media and Sport. Guidelines for parents about making sure their children remain safe in sports settings. Aims to enable parents to ask the right questions about important child protection measures that sports providers should have.

Keeping your child safe from sexual abuse

Parents Protect
Child sexual abuse prevention and awareness website which helps adults do the best they can to protect children from sexual abuse. The site is a useful resource of information and guidance and features a 30-minute learning programme.

Protecting children from sexual abuse: a guide for parents and carers
NSPCC. This booklet gives simple information and advice to help you keep your children safe from sexual abuse.

Help... my child's been abused: now what? (PDF)
CCPAS. Leaflet for parents providing advice on how to help their child to recover from sexual abuse.  Covers the importance of contacting social services, possible reactions and feelings of both parents and children, appropriate verses from the Bible, forgiveness and the long term recovery process.

Keeping children safe from sex offenders: how sex offenders are managed (PDF)
Home Office. Leaflet aimed at parents to answer any concerns they may have about child sex offenders living in their community. Covers how to report any concerns you may have; and how to find out more about protecting children.

Stop it Now!
Preventing child sexual abuse, offering advice and a confidential Helpline

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