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Unfortunately the child protection training offer through EduCare is no longer availalble from Safe Network.

From early April, the NSPCC will be hosting a new portfolio of e-learning courses

For the last few years the NSPCC has partnered with Educare to provide e-learning courses to individuals and organisations, which have contributed to keeping hundreds and thousands of children safe.  This partnership has now come to an end and we will be offering NSPCC e-learning courses. Joint NSPCC/Educare courses are no longer available to any new users. However, if you have recently signed up for one of these courses, it will be available for you to complete until the 26 March 2015.

In early April NSPCC will launch the first of a new set of e-learning courses.  The first set of courses will be Child Protection Awareness, but others will follow.  This follows the successful launch of the NSPCC’s Keeping Children Safe Online e-learning course in September,  which has already received a 99% approval rating from 409 users.  

Keeping Children Safe Online 
Learn how children use the internet and how you can keep them safe from abuse.

Child protection course: an introduction
Introductory online training course will give you a clear understanding of how to recognise, report and record concerns about a child’s welfare.

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Child using a laptopBBC WebWise courses
Learn to use the web and mobiles safely and with confidence.

Webwise Online Course
Learn about the internet, mobile devices, email and staying safe online and keep track of your progress each time you come back.

Computer Basics
How to use the mouse and keyboard, printing, what are windows and icons and how to manage digital photos and music.

Internet Basics
What the internet is, how it can be used, how to search, how to register with a website, how to email and how to buy something online.

Social Media Basics
Set up an online profile, update your status, share photos with family and friends and organise events safely and securely.

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boy taking a pool shotWhat is safeguarding?
Learn about your responsibilities when it comes to keeping children safe.

Employing the right people
Advice and information on safe recruitment practices.

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