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Safer worship 

Use this section if you’re from a religious or faith-based organisation to help keep children safe.

Many religious and faith-based groups have child protection policies and procedures for their members to follow. For smaller groups there’s also lots of advice and help about working with children and developing safeguards. Take a look at our Multi faith safeguarding hub for more safeguarding information.


Bespoke training
Tailored training and bespoke courses delivered by the NSPCC training department and Equality & Diversity Unit.


For parents and guardians

Help... sexual offenders and church attendance (PDF)
The Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS). A booklet with advice and contacts for those who discover a sex offender attends their church.

Help... my child's been abused: now what? (PDF) 
CCPAS. A leaflet for parents providing advice on how to help their child to recover from sexual abuse.

Help... someone I care about was abused (PDF) 
CCPAS. A booklet to help those who have found out someone close to them was abused as a child. (Source:ccpas)

For leaders, staff and volunteers

Safe and secure: ensuring the well-being of children and young people within the church community (PDF)

CCPAS. A booklet aimed at providing religious organisations with a brief guide to child protection.

Safeguarding Children from Abuse Linked to a Belief in Spirit Posession (PDF)
This guidance provides advice to practitioners and managers to help them identify and deal with abuse that may be linked to a belief in spirit possession.

Good Practice for Working with Faith Communities - Spirit Posession and Abuse (PDF)
A good practice guidance produced by CCPAS.

Next steps 

boy in a canoeHow we can help
Information, help and advice for faith communities.

Assessing your organisation
Are you doing all you can to keep children safe in your activities?

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Find out more about the organisation.
Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS)

Worried about a child? Call the NSPCC.
0808 800 5000 - NSPCC

The UK's free 24 hour helpline for children.
0800 1111 - ChildLine

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