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If you come into contact with children and young people in your role as a staff member or volunteer, you will have certain responisibilities to keep them safe.  We have provided useful training information and resources below.

Everybody who works with children needs to know what to do if they are concerned about a child. People who work with children should have basic awareness of:

  • what abuse is
  • what the signs and indicators of abuse are
  • who abuses
  • how child protection systems work
  • what to do to prevent bullying
  • how to create stimulating, safe activities for children.

There may be other areas to find out about such as:

We can advise you on training – just contact us.

Training for staff and volunteers

Video clip: Understanding child protection responsibilities and avoid situations that could lead to accusations of misconduct.


Creating safer organisations
Training for people who have a strategic safeguarding role.

Designated safeguarding children officer training 
Training for people who have a lead operational role within the voluntary, community and corporate sectors.

Child protection awareness
Training for anyone who comes into contact with children during work, voluntary or leisure activities.

Creating a culture of safety
An invaluable training programme for anyone working with children in an organisational setting as well as those who need to understand more about the issues surrounding child sexual abuse.

Keeping children safe
Training for organisations that already have an existing child protection policy in place.

Safeguarding children: everybody's business
NSPCC. A comprehensive programme to enable trainers to provide basic awareness training for the voluntary sector.

Safeguarding awareness resources

Worried about a child? How you can protect children from abuse

Positively safe: a guide to developing safeguarding practices (PDF)
Children England.

Help... I want to work safely with children and young people (PDF)

Protecting babies and toddlers: information for professionals and those working with children (PDF)

Help... I'm a safeguarding coordinator (PDF)

Help... I want to communicate safely: a worker's guide to using modern technologies with children and young people (PDF)

next steps 

baby smilingAre they safe? pack
Order our free step by step guide to safeguarding children in community groups.

Child protection policies
Important steps to take to ensure that children are kept safe in your activities.

More from the web

Worried about a child? Call the NSPCC.
0808 800 5000 - NSPCC

The UK's free 24 hour helpline for children.
0800 1111 - ChildLine

Child Protection Project, provides FREE information and legal advice to frontline practitioners on their legal obligations towards children in terms of child protection and safeguarding.
Coram Children's Legal Centre

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