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Effective ways of supporting children and families with additional needs 

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Working together  

Bringing together different sectors and professions to provide an integrated way of working to support children, young people and families.

Working together to ensure children, young people and families who need additional support have exactly the correct professionals needed to provide support. 

Multi-agency panels

A multi-agency panel is a group of people from different agencies that meet regularly for short periods of time to discuss children and young people with additional needs who may require multi-agency support. Panels are often used to allocate resources to new cases and to review progress across existing cases. Members remain employed by their home agency.

Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

A CAF is a standardised approach to assessing the additional needs of children who are thought to be at risk of not achieving their potential. It is a process for identifying the needs of children and young people early so that agencies can deliver a coordinated approach to children and their families which will be reviewed. 
For further information see the Department of Education website.
You can also contact your Local Authority for CAF training, resources and procedures for being part of your local Team Around the Child.

Team Around the Child

A ‘Team Around the Child’, or TAC, is a multi-disciplinary team set up on a case-by-case basis to support a child, young person or family.  The TAC is the multi-agency group that’s set up after a child’s needs have been assessed. It brings together practitioners from different services to provide tailored support for the child. The TAC model often supports the Common Assessment Framework process.
It is important that the child or young person and their family are involved in the TAC process. Can be known as various group names such as Team Around the Young Person (TAYP) or Joint Access Team (JAT)

Multi-agency teams

A multi-agency team is a more formal arrangement when practitioners are seconded or recruited into a team, share a team identity and tend to be managed by one team leader. Multi-agency team members may maintain links with their home agencies through supervision and training.

Integrated services

These are service hubs for the community bringing together a range of services, usually under one roof, whose practitioners then work in a multi-agency way to deliver integrated support to children, young people and their families, for example extended services of Sure Start centres.

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