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Preventing harm 

If you’re a parent the resources in this section can help give you extra guidance and support.

People who harm babies often don’t realise the extent of the damage they’re doing and many of the injuries can be prevented.

The consequences of abuse experienced by babies include:

  • broken bones
  • suffocation
  • poisoning
  • brain damage from being shaken
  • and, in extreme cases, death.

The abuse of babies can also lead to:

  • intellectual, social and behavioural difficulties
  • delayed development
  • problems bonding with those that care for them.

How you can prevent harm

You can safeguard babies by raising awareness of how easily babies can be hurt. The resources below can help you do this.


Children under one
NSPCC information about protecting babies.

Parenting leaflets 
Range of leaflets for parents and carers.

All Babies Count
NSPCC’s campaign to protect babies and prevent abuse.

Other sources of information

Family Lives
Positive parenting advice from the NSPCC
Daycare Trust

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