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What's this about? 

Safe Network launched a set of core safeguarding standards in February 2011. Designed to help your club or organisation keep young people safe. Updated September 2013. 2013/14 edition now includes two new standards called Standards Xtra

Accessible, up-to-date and easy to use, the Safe Network Standards aim to ensure that work undertaken by groups and organisations is:

  • as safe as possible
  • enjoyable and rewarding for all involved 
  • compliant with legislation.

The Safe Network Standards framework

The Safe Network Standards: Core standards and guidance for safeguarding children in the voluntary and community sector, are a set of national core standards, designed to help non-statutory organisations put in place clear safeguarding arrangements for children and young people.

Safe Network Standards cover four essential safeguarding areas:

The new 2013/14 edition now includes two new standards called Standards Xtra. These focus on:

Safe Network Standards online self-assessment tool

By registering on the Safe Network website, you are also be able to access an interactive self-assessment tool. This covers all the elements of each standard and helps you determine your organisation's strengths and where it needs to improve its measures for safeguarding children

Resource toolboxes

As you work through the self-assessment tool, you have access to a toolbox of useful resources, which you will be able to adapt for your organisation.
These include examples of policies and procedures, guidance, templates for forms, standard letters that you may need, and sample posters and leaflets.  

To save time, you can copy and paste text directly from the resource documents into new documents for your own organisation. To help you do this quickly on your computer, check the help section of your PDF reader software.

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