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Video clips to help anyone involved in activities with children and young people 

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Ensuring that children and young people take part in activities in a safe environment.

These video clips will help anyone involved in voluntary activities with children and young people - including group leaders, volunteers, activity organisers, committees, children, parents and carers.
These clips relate to a variety of safeguarding and child protection situations that frequently arise in activities involving children and young people.

The video clips all feature a music/musician setting but the messages in them apply to everyone who works with children and young people.

What's right for you

Keeping children safe in music

Inappropriate communication with children

Inappropriate demonstration of technique

Dealing with a difficult group situation

Responding to concerns about abuse

Next steps 

Girl sweeping with a brushPhotographing children
Safer procedures for photographing and recording children during an event or activities.

Safety online
Guidance on helping keep children and young people safe online.

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