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RESOURCE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE 'Safe organisations, safe children' modular training guidance for trainers and facilitators 

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A modular training package developed by the Safe Network to assist small voluntary and community sector groups in meeting their responsibilities for keeping children and young people safe.

This resource is currently unavailable. 
Due to current legislation updates the 
resource is under maintainance.
Please contact us for further information.
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The 'Safe organisations, safe children' is a modular training resource suitable for all trainers with any level of experience in delivering training for keeping children safe, in voluntary and community organisations or otherwise.

About the learning package

This training resource can be purchased as CD ROM which includes everything you need to plan and facilitate a training event or series of workshops on child safeguarding. 

The modules at a glance

Module one: Assessing current practice in keeping children safe
This module aims to familiarise participants with the Safe Network's four core standards, assess current practice for keeping children safe and begin the process of developing an action plan to address gaps in policies, procedures and systems for each standard.

Module two: Safer staff and volunteers: recruitment, selection and induction
This module aims to make participants aware of good practice in the safe recruitment, selection and induction of staff and volunteers.

Module three: Protecting children from abuse
This session aims to enable participants to consider key issues in relation to protecting children and become aware of steps to follow when there are any concerns.

Module four: Preventing and responding to bullying
The aim of this session is to identify good practice in preventing and responding to bullying.

Module five: Running safe activities and avoiding accidents 
The aim of this session is to enable organisations to identify ways in which accidents in the workplace can be prevented.

It supports the development of policy and procedures and their implementation into everyday practice.
The starting point is to help an organisation assess its arrangements for keeping children safe using the Safe Network standards and develop steps to address gaps and training needs with the remaining four modules covering key areas that impact on children's safety.

The assessment and training can be conducted in-house by someone with knowledge and experience of training, facilitating learning or group work. Otherwise you could consider commissioning external trainers or facilitators to deliver it for them.

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Download: Safe organisations, safe children - promotional leaflet

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