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Young people from Out & About give their views to Safe Network  

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Working together 

Out & About are providing expert knowledge to the Safe Network for the revision of the 'Are they safe? Pack' resource on key topics.

Out & About has recently been working in partnership with the Safe Network to undertake a piece of research and consultation work as part of the revision to the 'Are they safe? pack' safeguarding resource.

The Safe Network asked Out & About to consult with disabled young people, parents/ carers, activity providers and other key associated stakeholders, on the content of the Are they safe? pack and how it could be redesigned with the following key outcomes:

  • A better understanding by activity providers of the safeguarding needs of disabled young people and improved safeguarding practices.
  • The Partnership will feel confident that the updated pack and associated resources meet the needs of this group.

The consultations objectives were to see whether the Are they safe? pack and the Safe Network website:

  • Communicated appropriately with disabled young people.
  • Explained the barriers around supporting and protecting disabled young people.
  • Explained how to keep disabled young people safe.
  • Contained images and content that is relevant and inclusive.
  • Signposted activity providers to useful information and, if not, what links should be included in respect of safeguarding disabled young people.
  • Considered the cultural needs of disabled young people.
  • Included relevant and useful case studies.
  • Took into account the needs of disabled young people with physical, learning, sensory and developmental disabilities.

Cate Meredith, Safeguarding Manager from the Safe Network met with the Out & About Young Person's steering group on Saturday 31 March 2012 to hear feedback.

A full report of the research and consultation will be available soon.
Keep an eye on the Safe Network and Out & About websites for the full report.

The Safe Network would like to thank the group of  young people and Out & About for their excellent input.

Further information and pictures from the feedback session

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Next steps 

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