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Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day      23 November 2012 

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Working togther  

Takeover Day gives children and young people the chance to work with adults for the day and be involved in decision-making.

Takeover Day 2012Takeover Day gives children the opportunity to experience the world of work and give their views, while adults and organisations gain a fresh perspective on what they do.

The Children's Comissioner hope this will help break down barriers between generations and encourage children's active involvement in their communities.

All organisations across every sector can be part of Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day. The event can be tailored to suit your organisation, and with Children's Comissioner providing guidance, resources and support to help you get the most out of the day across every sector can be part of Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day.

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Next steps 

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Child protection and safety resources for children and young people.

Free child protection training
Available for not-for-profit organisations.

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