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Safer Internet Day 2012: "Discover the digital World together…safely!" 

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Safer Internet Day is an annual event organised by Insafe. The 2012 focus is Connecting generations and educating each other with the slogan "Discover the digital world together... safely!" 7 February 2012.

Each year on the second week in February Ins@fe organise 'Safer Internet Day' to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile devices. This message particulary applies to children and young people across the globe.

Safer Internet Day 2012 logoThe theme for this year will be centered around 'Connecting generations and educating each other', with the slogan: "Discover the digital world together... safely!".
The focus theme aims to looks at the reach of the online world across all generations and cultures and encourages families to work together to stay safe online.

How to get involved in Safer Internet Day 2012

Spread the word by attending or organising an event! Everyone can register for Safer Internet Day (schools / individuals / organisations) and complete the online form.

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