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The FREE Online Compass tool is a self review tool that allows you to rate your organisation’s online safety provisions.

Online Compass is a simple tool that shows you what you need to do to make the use of technology safer for your group. Once you rate where you are, it gives you advice on how to improve and the means to get you there.

Online Compass is free and is appropriate for groups working with children and young people.

The simple tool was buillt by online safety experts and simplifies a difficult task. It maps where you are, charts your progress and navigates a course to a safer online environment.

The online safety tool is divided into three Sections, with each section containing a number of Parts. Each Part has three level statements - red, amber or green, with red representing the lowest level of achievement and green showing the highest.

As you progress through Online Compass a range of certificates and awards become available to recognise and celebrate your progress. Achieving an award provides access to certificates, press release templates and logos for your use.

Further information:

Online Compass website

Quick Start Guide
Structure Map

Next steps 

Laptop Advice on safeguarding children online
Guidance on helping keep children and young people safe online.

Policies and procedures
Develop your groups safeguarding policies and procedures.

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