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First things first 

Events are a key part of a successful organisation or club. Whether it be a large open day or small craft fair, a well organised enjoyable event brings people together and help promote an inclusive community.

Having an event?
Events are held all the time throughout your area. They are by community groups, government organisations, schools, sports clubs, social groups, committees, businesses and individuals.
Events could be categorised as:

These primarily focus on the community in which they are held. The event tends to build social bonds, enhance community spirit and showcase local talent and culture. They are primarily coordinated by volunteers and the event usually operates on a small budget. Revenue raised generally funds the event or is donated to a charitable cause.
Example’s – Fete, community plays, open days, craft fairs, small themed parties.

Boy playing table tennisBusiness
These events usually have a larger budget and in some cases may be supported by paid and experienced staff. They have a clear objective and often bring economic benefits to the local community.
Example’s – Memorbilia auctions, track racing days, sponsorship at a event.

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