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Preventing harm  

Spot hazards and understand what causes accidents. By working together you can help to safeguard children and young people from an unsafe environment.


Most accidents are easy to prevent!

People say to me ‘Don’t you find it depressing hearing about all these accidents’ but I say ‘‘no, that’s the beauty of this work, there’s always so much you can do to prevent accidents happening.’’
Pam Prentice, Campaigns Manager, Child Accident Prevention Trust




Just a few simple changes can make the difference between a child or young person suffering a very serious injury, and experiencing just the normal grazes, knocks and bumps of growing up.

Some of the most effective changes take place in people’s attitudes, which is good news for smaller voluntary organisations and activity-providers with limited resources - who often have a lot of goodwill and commitment to work with.

When everyone understands what causes accidents and works together to prevent them, then everyone feels a shared sense of responsibility.  


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The Safe Network has produced a set of guidance outlining some key safety tips for specific accident topics, these include:

  • falls
  • poisoning
  • cuts 
  • finger trapping 
  • fire safety 
  • burns and scalds
  • choking 
  • strangulation 
  • suffocation 
  • toy safety
  • drowning 
  • road and in vehicle safety 
  • outdoor and planning outings.

The guidance also includes help and tips for organisations wanting to have a child safety policy and planning outings.

The Safe Network - Preventing avoidable accidents mini guidance
The Safe Network - Preventing avoidable accidents full guidance

Next steps 

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Thinking about having an event? Let us help make it safe for children.

Create a safer environment - help the prevention of bullying.

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