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This section includes details of helpline services, resources and tips for children and young people, parents and carers, organisations and group leaders on tackling bullying.

About bullying
Bullying can occur in any group of children or young people whatever its type or size or the age of its members. There are many different forms of bullying; at one end of the scale it can be teasing and at the other it becomes serious assault or harassment.Verbal and psychological bullying can be just as harmful and hurtful as physical violence. Sexual and racial harassment are particularly serious forms of bullying.

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Effects of bullying

The effects of bullying can lead to children and young people:  

  • becoming depressed - they actually become ill
  • experience low self esteem 
  • becoming shy and withdrawn
  • experiencing physical complaints, like constant stomach aches and headaches, which are brought on by stress
  • feeling so anxious that they truant from school.

One kind of bullying which causes great stress is spreading hurtful rumours, which in some cases has led to self harm or suicide.

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