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The role of a champion is to utilise the Safe Network core safeguarding standards for children and young people within the voluntary and community sector.

The Champions programme is seen as the cornerstone of regional and local support for voluntary and community organisations. 

With help from Safe Network’s central team and Regional Development Managers (RDMs), the Champions will act as Safe Network representatives within their local community.

We recognise that there will be significant challenges around making resources accessible to third sector groups and organisations.

Groups will be informed of the champions existence and will need to feel motivated to use them, and then be offered the time and opportunity both to become familiar and how to use them to work on their own practice.
Support at all levels – national, regional and local – is available.

What’s in it for Champions?

  • An opportunity to strengthen your skill base as a Champion and the skill base of your organisation/s, thus increasing your ability to compete successfully for future possible tenders
  • A helpful peer support network and the Regional Development Manager to hand
  • The ability to tailor delivery to suit local needs and to collaborate with partners locally and regionally
  • Support from the Safe Network team to distribute Safe Network products, tools and resources
  • A chance to be part of a supportive volunteer network in your local community, that aims to alleviate the impact on infrastructure support of potential or actual reductions in local funding
  • An option to administer, under detailed and robust conditions, your own Safe Network events, eg handle bookings, invites, evaluation etc, in collaboration with your Regional Development Manager
  • The opportunity to be part of Safe Network as it changes and develops in new and exciting ways

What the Safe Network will we require from Champions?

  • To have the backing of your employing organisation, and, with their knowledge and approval, to enter into a partnership agreement with Safe Network
  • To have existing strong links in your communities
  • To be able to attend the briefing/training sessions
  • To have the time and willingness to facilitate the level of delivery required (ie a minimum of one standards event and one follow-up clinic per year)
  • To be prepared to be involved in on-going support both for yourself and for the organisations that attend the events you facilitate
  • To be clear about the need to maintain confidentiality when necessary
  • To have a good level of knowledge and understanding of children’s safeguarding issues, and to maintain high standards in terms of your own safeguarding practice with children and young people
  • To have sufficiently developed communication and training skills to be able to undertake the support,training and awareness raising work required
  • To assist with the evaluation of the Champions programme, the Core Standards and other Safe Network products

For further information or to become a champion in your local area:

Please get in touch with your Regional Development Manager 
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