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You and the Safe Network: how we can help you and your group. 

How do we work? 
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Whether you have lots of experience in keeping children safe, or you’re simply looking to find out more, we have advice and support to suit everybody.

The Safe Network can help if:

  • you work in an organisation, whether small, medium or large, local or national, and your activities are primarily aimed at children
  • you provide activities for children and young people in a local voluntary and community organisation
  • you have contact with children and young people but your work is not primarily or solely child care (eg faith group, black, minority and ethnic grouphobby club, unaffiliated sport, cultural or leisure activity)
  • you’re a trustee or a funder of an organisation that involves or includes children in any of its activities
  • you’re a parent or carer who needs advice on keeping children safe.

Safe Network helps children and young people to keep themselves safe by providing information on this site and by getting them involved in planning and developing materials.

Your organisation can use Kidscheck standards to help children assess how safe they feel in their club or group.

We're constantly updating and improving the site to bring you the very best in safeguarding news and advice. If there's something you'd like to suggest, ask a question or give us your comments, just contact us.